Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Ergonomic Office Furniture

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Ergonomic Office FurnitureChoosing ergonomic office furniture for your environment can significantly improve worker health, safety, productivity and performance. What’s more, it can also help make you an “employer of choice” when it comes to recruitment and retention, which is particularly valuable in marketplaces where the battle for top talent can be even more intense than it is for customers!

To help you reap the rewards of ergonomic office furniture and avoid potential pitfalls or mistakes, here are some fundamental do’s and don’ts:

Choosing Ergonomic Office Furniture Do’s:

  • Do keep in mind that the term “ergonomic” does not refer to a certain type of material or class of furniture that has met a certain quality or safety standard. Ergonomics is the science of aligning workers (their characteristics and tasks) to the work environment, In this sense, ergonomics is better understood as a process, rather than a product.  
  • Do try and focus on furniture that can fit multiple workers. For example, many ergonomic office chairs have interchangeable cylinders.
  • Do involve your staff in the decision-making process, and if possible, give them the opportunity to test various items and accessories before making a purchase.
  • Do pay close attention to light sources, since these significantly impact worker performance, productivity, and even their health and wellness.
  • Do support your investment in ergonomic office furniture with worker training in two major areas: how to properly use various items (e.g. footrests, adjustable desks, floor-mounted CPUs, etc.), and best practices regarding posture, stretching, light angles, monitor height, and so on.  

Choosing Ergonomic Office Furniture Don’ts:

  • Don’t assume — and fear — that ergonomic office furniture is more costly than non-ergonomic office furniture. With the right plan and preparation, your ROI will be worthwhile for years to come.
  • Don’t assume that the term “ergonomic” means that office furniture is more comfortable — this may or may not be the case.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed, confused or potentially misled by office furniture suppliers or vendors. Work with an experienced consultant to get the advice and guidance you need.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of worker interaction. Even the best-made ergonomic office furniture will be a liability if it impedes collaboration.
  • Don’t forget to showcase and leverage your investment in your marketing and recruiting. 

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To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of ergonomic office furniture — and to get the consulting support you need throughout the process, from selection through to deployment — contact the Key Interiors team today.  

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