CEO Office Design: How to Create the Optimal Workspace

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ceo office designIn the modern corporate world, there are a number of executives who eschew a private office and instead set up shop alongside their employees. While this spirit might be commendable, in practice it presents a myriad of problems for the contemporary CEO –– from a lack of privacy, to a decrease in status and even productivity. So how do you strike the right balance between the stuffy, off-limits offices of yesteryear, and forgoing an essential workspace entirely in your office layout? The good news is, there are measures you can take to ensure that your CEO office design creates a room that is both private enough to allow for quality work, and still inviting and open at the same time. Here’s how:

Keep Your Door Open –– Literally

Don’t use the phrase, “my door’s always open,” if it’s really not going to be open. Sure, sometimes you’ll have to close your door –– to take a phone call or have a confidential meeting –– but keeping your door open at all other times will let your employees know you’re free to talk and assist them. Nothing is more menacing than a constantly closed door, and few will have the gall to knock on it if you don’t leave it open.

Design Your Space Tastefully

An executive’s office should feel comfortable and engaging. After all, important work is going to occur there, and visitors to your company should walk away confident in your operation because of it. However, the last thing you want is to go overboard creating opulent quarters that boast excessive accoutrements. Avoid vulgar displays of power like multiple TVs, or overbearing artwork. A good rule of thumb: don’t put anything up you wouldn’t normally see at any other employee’s desk.

Prioritize Efficiency

The greatest attraction to creating a private CEO’s office is to ensure that all sorts of vital work can get done –– and that it gets done in the best manner possible. So when you’re crafting an executive workspace pay attention to the little things that can help boost productivity. That list includes but is not limited to: lighting (both natural and artificial), monitor positioning, furniture quality, wall decor, air freshener, and position of the room in relation to the rest of the office. Think of a CEO’s office as a conduit for dynamic work; if you make that your focal point, and focus less on awe-inspiring aesthetics, you’ll be on your way to striking the right balance for one of the most important spaces in your entire company.  

Take the Next Step

Not sure if you should pull the trigger and plan the office renovation you’ve had in mind? Contact the Key Interiors team! We have the experience and the flexibility to assist in any project –– from crafting the perfect CEO’s office, to planning a major workspace overhaul and everything in between. And make sure to download our free eBook today! It’ll help you determine when it’s time to make the call on renovating your office. 

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