Car Dealership Design Ideas

November 26, 2019

Car salespeople understand the importance of making a good impression with a customer. Making a good impression, however, is about more than some dealerships seem to realize. Indeed, the way your space is arranged, and the amenities you have to offer your visitors can have a massive impact on your sales team’s performance. To that end, here are a few examples of sound car dealership design ideas brought to life. We bet you’ll see some design elements you can implement at your location!

Naperville Dodge

car dealership design ideas

Ideally, your sales staff won’t have to ask any potential customers to wait for very long. Still, sometimes it can take time to draw up paperwork, and other customers will bring along friends/family who aren’t interested in making a purchase. Therefore, it’s necessary for auto dealers to provide modern and relaxing waiting areas for their guests. Anything you can do to put your customers at ease will invariably help your team make connections and close deals.  car dealership design ideas

Packey Webb Ford

car dealership design ideas

How your dealership looks on the outside is just as important as its appearance inside. Not only do you want to send the right message to customers who’ve already stopped at your locale, but your facade should let everyone on the road know you’re open and ready for business. No dealership should try to blend in with the background. Instead, it’s important for your building to act as a strong advert for your business.

Classic Kia

car dealership design ideas

Of course, good car dealership design should accommodate both visitors and staff members alike. A clean, vibrant workspace then, won’t just help your visitors feel good about their choice, but should also boost your own team’s productivity. It may sound simple, but elegant design elements combined with plenty of natural light can go a long way toward creating a healthy atmosphere at your dealership.

car dealership design ideas

Final Thoughts

Selling a car is no mean feat. So any edge you can give your team members over the competition could potentially pay big dividends. Contact the Key Interiors team today if you’re ready to get started on a renovation or redesign for your dealership. We’ve worked with dealerships for years and know how to complete a redesign project on time and under budget. Plus, you can find out how, just by downloading our free eBook by clicking here.

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