5 Tips for Surviving an Office Renovation

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office renovationAs you know, running a business is often rewarding, but it is never easy – simply because there is always a problem to solve or goal to achieve. Indeed, in business as in life, there is really no such thing as “maintenance mode”. You are either falling behind or moving ahead!

With this in mind, the thought of an upcoming office renovation may fill you with apprehension; or perhaps even dread. This is not because you have second thoughts or misgivings about the decision. Rather, it is because you may be worried that schedules will slip, costs will overrun, customers will be inconvenienced, staff will be frustrated…and the list goes on.

Fortunately, with the right planning and partner, you will not just survive your office renovation, but you will THRIVE. Here are 5 proven tips to make this happen:

  1. Build a Robust Schedule

Whether you are focusing on a relatively minor refresh or a major re-invention, your office renovation should be driven by a robust schedule. This may mean (and typically does) that all work will not happen concurrently, since it would oblige you to shut down operations or intolerably disrupt staff and/or customers. Rather, work will happen in phases and stages, and in the most efficient manner possible in light of your business operational needs.

  1. Plan Ahead for Staff Redeployments

Chances are that your staff will need to work remotely for at least a few days during your office renovation. It is vital to plan ahead and ensure that they have somewhere to go (e.g. temporary office, home office, etc.), and have the technology they need to stay connected and productive. Many businesses (when possible) opt to schedule their office renovation at off-peak times during the year and/or when several employees are on vacation.

  1. Create Contingency Plans & Budgets

In almost every office renovation project, there are unexpected elements and variables that emerge. Even unexpected bad weather can delay the delivery of materials and office furniture. Solid contingency plans and a contingency budget will ensure that these do not derail your project.

  1. Create a Communication Plan

Your communication plan should target at least three distinct groups: employees, customers, and suppliers. Employees should be given timelines and instructions, while customers and suppliers should be given updates as appropriate. Many businesses also choose to involve employees in their overall office renovation project, such as having polls and surveys to choose things like colors, materials, office furniture items, and so on.

  1. Partner with Proven Interior Solutions Specialists

Last but certainly not least: the smartest and safest way you can survive an office renovation is by partnering with proven interior solutions specialists. You will get the end-to-end expert support that you want, need and deserve.

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To learn more about ensuring that your office renovation is successful, rewarding and achieves ROI, contact the Key Interiors team today. We have over 30 years of experience helping businesses of all shapes and sizes refresh and re-invent their environment. We know what works, and just as importantly, we know what does not work. Our experience is your advantage!

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