5 Reasons Your Healthcare Waiting Room is Letting You Down

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healthcare waiting roomProfessionals in the healthcare industry strive to provide the best service they possibly can to their patients. Yet, too often their good work is undermined by a daunting, Orwellian waiting room. Indeed, it’s only natural that many people are nervous about seeing a doctor –– which is why your healthcare waiting room is so vital. It’s there you’ll either make a vibrant first impression, or else set your patient on-edge. To that end, here are five signs your healthcare waiting room is letting you down –– and how to make it right instead:

Unintuitive Layout

The last thing you want your patients to have to worry about is finding their way around. So before you do anything else, you should consider the functionality of your healthcare waiting room. Ask yourself simple questions like, would the layout make sense to a stranger? Is your staff readily available to anyone who enters? If your healthcare waiting room requires your patients to go the extra mile to receive service, you’ve got a problem.

Lack of Privacy

Your patients shouldn’t feel like cattle jammed into an outdated waiting room. Not only should your arrangement allow for plenty of privacy and leg room for each individual, the furniture should be comfortable, too. It’s a little thing, but a cozy chair can make all the difference for a jittery patient. Plus, you should also think about adding an area for children. A space designated for play will let wound-up youngsters run off steam without irritating other patients.

Small Screens and Old Magazines

The modern American is used to a certain level of stimulation that is difficult to satiate with a rickety old TV and some magazines from 2007. So providing ample television screens for patients to watch is a fabulous way to let them unwind. In addition, if you do decide to offer reading material for your guests and patients –– make it a priority to update and replace them regularly.

Poor WiFi

Plain and simple, people need to have access to the internet. If your WiFi is anything less than stellar, do everything in your power to bring it up to par. Without it, you’ll be creating a tense, uninviting atmosphere.

No Color, No Light

Everyone hates the painful purple glare that fluorescent lights give off. Plus, there’s no faster way to unsettle your patients than to stick them in a windowless room without decoration or distraction. If at all possible, allow for natural light to enter your waiting room –– and don’t be afraid to decorate the walls. Inspiring or uplifting artwork can work a treat with an anxious patient.


If you value the experience your patient has at your healthcare center, then you need to make your waiting room as welcoming as possible. Contact the Key Interiors team today to discover how you can improve your healthcare waiting room. And for more information on figuring out when it’s time for an upgrade, download our free eBook here.

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