5 Interior Design Factors that Increase Productivity

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factors that increase productivityWhen most business professionals talk about increasing workplace productivity, they focus on abstract concepts. Unfortunately, business owners can’t purchase “positive-management techniques,” or “self-accountability,” for their team members. And while it’s possible to change a company’s culture strictly through attitude adjustment, altering the physical layout of a space is often a much more effective way to boost morale and performance. Given that fact, make sure to check out these five interior design factors that increase productivity:

Intuitive Layout Pattern

Businesses that boast an intuitive, well structured layout hold a distinct advantage over their competitors that don’t for several key reasons. First, well organized layouts make it easy for new employees, visitors, customers, clients, (or patients), to navigate an otherwise unfamiliar environment. In addition, employees in high-stress professions (like in the medical field, for instance) rely on a simple and efficient layout to move quickly from one department to the next.

Pleasing Lights, Sounds, Smells, & Temperature

It’s well documented that exposure to natural light directly correlates to enhanced work performance. Yet, good office design should account for all five senses. Modern workspaces need to mitigate against potentially disruptive sounds and smells that can derail even the most focused employee. Lastly, don’t forget about the effect temperature and drafty rooms can have on your team.


Though it’s essential for employees to be able to collaborate with each other, no office design should prevent team members from enjoying the privacy (and quiet!) they need to complete their work. If you’ve struggled with a lack of privacy in your workspace, you may want to consider constructing a few modular walls to combat this issue.  

Space Utilization

The size of an office generally matters less than how well designers optimize available space. Indeed, there’s nothing worse than spending significant capital on a massive office only to waste its potential. Conversely, business owners can make the most of a small office by employing savvy design elements.

Proper Amenities

Of course, no business can function without the right tools. However, modern office amenities should go beyond the traditional desk-chair-monitor setup. Progressive companies will often install outlets scattered throughout their workspace and provide a number of “community” workstations that their team members can use when they’re on the move. Also, since contemporary employees spend a great deal of their time at the office, it’s crucial for business owners to support them with engaging break rooms and relaxing dining areas. Not only will these features help your business attract talent, but it will keep your current team focused and motivated!

Final Thoughts

Though there are potentially thousands of factors that influence employee productivity, few are as meaningful as workplace atmosphere. Simply put, people produce better results when they feel safe, comfortable, and happy than when they don’t. And office design plays a major role in employee engagement and morale. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to boost your team’s production, then contact the Key Interiors team today. We’ll discuss how an office redesign or renovation could benefit your business both today and in the long run. Need a little more time to make a decision? Then check out our free eBook to determine if you’re overdue for a renovation:{{cta(‘be9ee934-8da3-4f57-9a54-072b3b5e3be0′,’justifycenter’)}}

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