5 Dental Office Remodeling Tips

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dental office designAccording to a Dental Products Report survey, 69 percent of dentists believe that patients view dental office design as a reflection of their competence as a dentist and their practice as a whole.

In other words: dental office design does not just serve a functional purpose of giving patients a place to wait and receive treatment. It also plays a key role in influencing patient experience and perception, which translates into satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals. Indeed, sound dental office design is not just beneficial for aesthetics — it’s also good business strategy!With this in mind, here are five low-cost dental office remodeling tips that can help transform a conventional office into one that makes a lasting positive impression, and, ultimately, increases patient rosters, revenues, and profitability:

  1. Cover Dark Paneled Walls with New Drywall and Paint

    Aside from the instant cosmetic improvement, lighter wall colors will give the appearance of a larger, more spacious practice. Research also suggests that patients have a preference for warm colors and shades of blue in medical environments.

  2. Use Carpet Tile in High-Traffic Areas

    And don’t be afraid to install vinyl tiles in treatment rooms and laboratories either. These are both affordable and durable options that can make a major difference in a practice’s overall look and feel.

  3. Say Goodbye to Fluorescent Lights

    Replace these old-fashioned, buzzing eyesores with energy-efficient LED units. They’ll not only reduce utility bills, but will also provide brighter, clearer, and crisper illumination. Note that improved lighting is often connected to enhanced employee productivity as well. 

  4. Make Patient-Waiting Areas Comfortable

    Replacing worn, dated furniture with comfortable and ergonomic selections is one of the simplest ways to remodel dental office waiting rooms. Other waiting room improvement ideas include: providing working space for laptop users, installing extra plugs and USB ports for device charging, offering free Wifi, and installing a flat-screen TV.

  5. Add Plants to the Practice 

    There are a few good reasons for integrating some plant life into your workspace. First, plants improve air quality. Second, plants are cosmetically pleasing. Third, plants can have a calming and stress-reducing effect (per the principle of biophilia) –– which can be especially valuable in a dental office environment where some patients may feel anxious or worried.

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To learn more dental office remodeling tips, contact the Key Interiors team today. We will help you understand and envision your options, and help you make affordable, high-impact changes that will transform practice, impress your patients, and improve your bottom-line. Your consultation with us is free.

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