5 Creative Office Design Tips for the New Year

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creative office designThe holiday season may seem a long time ago already, but the New Year has only just begun. And with it comes the opportunity to better yourself, develop healthy habits, and re-prioritize what’s important to you. The good news is, you can take that New Year’s optimism and channel it in any number of ways –– including redesigning your office. So if you’re feeling especially creative, or if you’ve been putting off reconfiguring your office for some time, here are five creative office design tips to help get you started in 2018:

Sit in Style

Your posture is crucial to your well-being, but sitting slumped in a run-of-the mill office chair isn’t going to do it any good. Instead, try out a posture-correcting chair, or experiment with sitting on a pilates ball while at work for a few hours. That way you can strengthen your core and check your email at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Coordinate by Color

As a rule, we engage with bright and vibrant colors more so than we do, drab, lifeless ones. So splash the paint at your office and let your creativity show. And while you’re at it, assign different colors for different areas. It will delight your current employees, and make your office a breeze to navigate for newbies and visitors alike.

The Walls are Your Canvas

In addition to hanging meaningful and inspirational art on the walls, you can also encourage your employees to use them as they see fit. Allowing employees to hang a whiteboard, an extra computer screen, or even a picture with emotional value to them will help improve morale and productivity.

Invest in a Record Player

Want to get really creative this year? Then designate a room as a lounge and stock it with a functional record player. Simply having a break room in general is a good idea, but if you or your team members are musically inclined, then this could prove a smashing success in your office. Plugging in your headphones and relaxing for twenty minutes with a good album is an incredible way to relieve stress on a hectic day. Plus, with more and more bands releasing music on vinyl, you’ll be sure to find something to suit everyone’s taste!

Utilize Natural Beauty

If you’re not the most artistically inclined person in the world, but you want to beautify your workspace all the same, then picking up some plants is a wonderful way to achieve that goal. Even if they don’t produce flowers, vibrant or exotic plants will improve the air quality in your workspace and provide and provide a gorgeous decoration at the same time.

The Bottom Line

We all have New Year’s resolutions that fall short; don’t let maximizing your office space be one of them. Contact the Key Interiors team today! We’ve worked with companies both big and small and can help you find solutions to your office design issues. And if you’ve procrastinated planning an office renovation, make sure to download our free eBook now. It’ll help you determine if your office is just in need of a tune-up or if a complete overhaul is in order.



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