5 Break Room Renovations that Will Wow Your Employees

November 26, 2019

break room renovationsWho says work can’t be fun? Progressive businesses have realized over the past few years that the way their employees think about their workspaces –– and their jobs –– varies greatly from professionals in the past. As such, a modern office needs to provide more than just functional solutions; indeed, the best companies to work for tend to offer their employees a workspace where they can explore their creative impulses, collaborate with others, and –– of course –– unwind. The break room is no longer a luxury for companies that want to attract, and hold onto, top talent in their field. With that in mind, today we’re going to examine five innovative (and cost-effective!) break room renovations that your employees will love:

Interactive Stimuli

Boring break rooms lead to bored and unmotivated employees. Don’t think that because your break room is “free of distractions,” that this will allow your team members to relax more effectively. In fact, a lack of stimulation may be one of the worst things for your mental state. If you want your break room to help your employees regather their focus, consider implementing things that will engage them in an interactive way. Puzzles, board games, video games, books, and music all provide healthy stimulation for the mind in a meaningful way. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to provide your employees with intellectual stimuli that can make a big difference for them –– and your company!

Healthful Snack Options

No one likes to hear the obtrusive crunching noises of their coworkers noshing on snacks mere feet away. That’s why your break room should provide your team members with plenty of healthful snack options. Note that this also should probably include complimentary coffee. Considering the number of people who drink coffee these days, it’d be naive not to include this option.

Comfortable Furniture and Amenities

Imagine this scenario: you’ve gone to the break room for a moment to grab a snack when inspiration suddenly strikes. Rather than forcing their team members to run back to their desk and risk losing their train of thought, the best companies create break rooms that can double as work spaces. Provide outlets, headphones, and comfortable furniture that encourage your employees to work whenever –– and wherever –– the mood strikes them.  

The Bar

No, you don’t have to offer alcoholic beverages at your work to spread camaraderie. However, there is something to be said for break rooms that utilize shared seating arrangements. Let your employees rub shoulders with each other (literally) and you’ll be amazed at the improved collaboration levels your team will likely exhibit. 


At the end of the day the break room is a place dedicated to your employees. Given that fact, it’s always a wise play to enable them to contribute to its atmosphere. Letting your team members add personal touches to your break room might not sound like a big thing, but it can go a long way toward improving the mood in your office.  

The Bottom Line

How you decide to renovate your break room is often less important than simply making the effort to improve it. And the best way to impress your employees with changes to your break room is by consulting a professional design company first. Contact the Key Interiors team today and let us help you build the break room of your dreams! Plus, for more information on determining when it’s time for a full-scale office rethink, download our free eBook here:


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