5 Awesome Ideas for Modern Workstations

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modern workstationsIt’s entirely possible for professionals to spend more time at their desk than in their own living room during the course of a regular work week. Still, the harsh truth is few modern workstations boast the amenities, tools, and tech that employees need to operate at their best. Indeed, a poor desk setup can have a major negative impact on your mood and productivity. To combat some office workstation woes, make sure to check out these five awesome ideas to improve your desk situation ASAP:

Get Organized

It doesn’t cost any money to untangle a mess of wires running around your desk or to utilize some free space under your workstation for file storage. Indeed, individuals working in small office spaces can maximize their workstation’s capabilities simply by taking the time to get organized and reduce the clutter in or around their desks.

Invest in Ergonomics

Ergonomic furniture and fixtures are a godsend to modern employees. It’s simply unhealthy to sit for long periods of time (like eight hours in a row, for instance) so innovations like sit-to-stand desks can do wonders for your staff’s mood and efficiency levels. Never underestimate the value of a solid piece of furniture!

Think Collaboratively

Some workstations function as single-person desks. However, more and more professionals share workstations and tackle projects together. As such, it’s typically a good idea to add some features to help facilitate teamwork like a whiteboard, smart-board, projection screen, or multiple monitors. Plus, purchasing desks that can expand into a larger table is a great way to encourage creative collaboration among your ranks.

Add a Natural Touch

In an ideal world, every workstation would get plenty of natural sunlight and feature an array of healthy plant life. Office plants and open windows are extremely simple, but nevertheless effective ways to improve the look and feel of a workplace. Also, such amenities are great for boosting the mood of any important visitors to your office (like potential clients).

Promote Personalization

As noted above, modern professionals spend a lot of time working at their desk. With that in mind, it’s key for progressive business owners to give their team members the opportunity to personalize their workstations in meaningful ways. We’ve come a long way from the days of uniform rows of cubicles, so let your employees express themselves. You’ll be amazed at how a few little changes can alter an entire office atmosphere for the better.

The Bottom Line

In the current business climate, every industry is competitive. So any advantage you can give your team could prove to be a vital one. At Key Interiors, we understand how to optimize workspaces of all shapes and sizes to ensure that your team has everything they need to succeed. Contact our team today to get started! Still think that you can put off an office renovation for another few months? Then make sure to check out our free eBook here to see if you’re actually overdue for a redesign:{{cta(‘be9ee934-8da3-4f57-9a54-072b3b5e3be0’)}}

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