4 Office Bathroom Remodeling Best Practices

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Office Bathroom RemodelingWhile it may not be as “high profile” as the corporate boardroom, the fact remains that a functional and employee-friendly bathroom is not just an important piece of the office design puzzle: it is pivotal!

The bad news, however, is that many office bathrooms are not particularly well designed — i.e. they are too small, have poor air flow, and the list goes on from there. The good news is that remodeling this essential space is a smart investment that, without a doubt, employees will appreciate and notice. (Not to mention customers and other visitors!)

Though it may not be the first thing you consider when you go to redesign your office, letting a bad bathroom get worse is only going to exacerbate your issues. In fact the longer it goes on untended to, the worse your situation could become.

If your office bathroom needs an update — or perhaps an overhaul — here are four remodeling best practices to point you in the right direction:

Office Bathroom Remodeling Best Practice #1: Ensure that it is ADA compliant

Though many people may not know it, during an office remodeling project, both updated/new common and public-use bathrooms must conform to ADA laws. Public-use bathrooms are those used by members of the general public, while common-use bathrooms are used by two or more people (including offices that do not engage the general public.)

What’s more, during an office renovation, any bathroom that is exclusively used by an occupant of a private office (e.g. the CEO) must be made adaptable per the ADA, which has specific requirements regarding clear floor space, door widths and so on. It’s vital that you first examine these stipulations before you being your bathroom redesign. Otherwise, you’ll not only have to go back to the drawing board well into construction –– you may also have to spend significantly more than what you originally planned!

Office Bathroom Remodeling Best Practice #2: Focus on Neutralizing Odors

As mentioned earlier, a major problem with many office bathrooms is that they rapidly go from “fresh-scented” in the morning to “I-think-I’m-going-to-pass-out” within hours. And by the end of the day, only the truly desperate — or brave — dare to venture into the olfactory zone. Remember also that an acrid bathroom isn’t just gross and inconvenient –– it can also have a negative impact on your office’s productivity. That’s right, the very smells that flow through your office affects your staff’s productivity. In fact, aroma therapy may be one of the most overlooked aspects of good office design. Paying attention to airflow and ventilation goes a long way to alleviating this common problem, as does making sure that toilets and urinals are self-flushing. Plus, proper ventilation can actually help your office cut down on sick days, believe it or not.   

Office Bathroom Remodeling Best Practice #3: Lighting Matters

Many people use an office bathroom to change clothes (e.g. such as donning a track suit for an after-work jog), take on/take off contact lenses, and simply to freshen up during the day. Make sure that lighting is bright enough to provide proper illumination for the various tasks that typically take place in this space. A dingy, grimey bathroom is the last thing you want clients and other visitors to your office to have to deal with. It may not be your first priority, but imagine a prospective customer or employee using your bathroom. If you’d feel embarrassed about its cleanliness or lighting, you’ve got a problem. No, it does not need to be bright enough to land aircraft, but it should not be mistaken for a photographer’s darkroom, either.   

Office Bathroom Remodeling Best Practice #4: Do Not Forget Aesthetics

Some tasteful but inexpensive artwork, a bouquet of flowers (artificial might be better for those with scent allergies), sleek and modern furniture — all of these are design elements that add sophistication and style, which truly make a difference. It doesn’t take much to transform a humdrum bathroom into a crisp and functional area that your employees and guests can feel good about using. After all, an office bathroom is something of an oasis in a busy and hectic workplace!

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