4 Dental Office Design Tips to Incorporate at Your Practice

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dental office designAs revealed in a survey by Dental Products Report, 69 percent of dentists believe that patients see office design as a reflection of their dentist’s competence, and their patient’s confidence in the practice as a whole.

With this in mind, below we present 4 dental office design tips that make the right impression and send the right messages, and ultimately help lead to more satisfied and loyal patients:

Dental Office Design Tip #1: Create separate entrances for dentists and staff.

No, this is not about giving dentists preferential treatment! Rather, it is suggested because some patients do not quite understand – nor appreciate – when they see a dentist walk into a practice, but not immediately get to work. In reality, such dentists are typically working a different shift, are returning from a hospital or other professional engagement, and so on. But as noted above, the perception among some patients can be negative.

Dental Office Design Tip #2: Maximize one-way traffic flows.

Dental practices are busy hubs of activity – which can often mean traffic jams that are not just frustrating for staff, but can be disorienting to patients. Maximizing one-way traffic flows goes a long way towards solving both of these problems.

Dental Office Design Tip #3: Create separate prep and treatment rooms.

Although patients like and trust their dentist, the fact remains that “going to the dentist” is still an activity that most people do not necessarily look forward to – and a few even dread! Having separate prep and treatment rooms can help alleviate some of this anxiety, while enhancing patient privacy.

Dental Office Design Tip #4: Esthetics make a major difference.

One of the most important — and yet often most overlooked – aspects of dental office design is esthetics. Today’s successful practices pay close attention to wall coverings, flooring, artwork, colors, furniture styles, lighting (including natural light), and more. All of these elements play a role in helping patients feel confident and comfortable. At the same time, a more pleasant work environment is a win for staff, and can boost engagement and productivity.

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To learn more about the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of successful dental office design – and for many more high-impact ideas that are unique to your practice’s vision and mission – contact the Key Interiors team today. Your consultation with us is free, and we have extensive experience helping dentists and dental groups re-imagine their practice, and unleash the potential of their unique environment.

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