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Fun accents throughout the office bring a sense of personality without detracting from the clean lines and minimal color scheme

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Dental equipment and tools are seamlessly aligned with the dental office design

Dr. Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry

How do you bring the feeling of home to a new dental practice?

Challenge: Dr. Turnwald’s practice had outgrown a small, outdated space. So when he purchased a new property, he needed help to rehab it into the dental office of his dreams. He knew he wanted to bring a residential feel to the building, so patients would feel right at home during their visit. After interviewing several design-build firms in the area, he left the design and build of this new property up to Key Interiors.

Solution: Utilizing the wealth of natural light throughout Dr. Turnwald’s office, Key Interiors focused on keeping the space clean and bright with unique accents. From a revamped waiting area to a welcoming front desk, we wanted the staff and patients to feel relaxed as if they were in their own home.

Want to hear directly from Dr. Turnwald about this project? Click here.

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