Small Office? Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

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Is working in a cramped office causing your workers to feel uncomfortable, less motivated, and less productive? Over the long-term, these issues can have a negative effect on your business and your bottom line. Don’t lose hope! Sometimes you don’t have to move or expand to make your small space be a lot more comfortable.

Ideas for Paint Color 

As you may know, color can play an important role in how our brains evaluate space. Dark colors tend to absorb more light and make a room feel smaller. Alternatively, light colors make a room appear bigger and more inviting. Soft tones of green and blue are especially effective at creating a welcoming atmosphere that also gives the impression of a larger space. And, you may not have this on your list of small office ideas: painting trimmings and moldings with a lighter color than your walls. It can make your small office appear even bigger!

Create Flexible Spaces

Create multi-use spaces. Start with the mindset that each room should have more than one use. You may not be able to have just a reception area – you may need to also use this space for small breakout meetings. Your conference room might need to turn into a place where people can sit to eat lunch. Consider things like movable walls between two rooms.

Another way to double-use space is by encouraging people to move around. Don’t claim a desk and park there. If you’re away from it, there’s no reason someone else can’t sit there. This decreases the amount of necessary desks. Just because there is an increased highlight on hygiene doesn’t mean free address/hot desking is going away. If you keep wipes at every desk and encourage the user to wipe his/her space down when they leave, this will eliminate employee fears. This system also encourages employees to be tidier.

Make Sure You Have Tech

Make sure you have plenty of easy access and fully functional technology for all employees. This makes it easier to have some people working from home and thus decreasing the need for so many people in a small office.

Lighting Ideas 

For years, companies used cheap fluorescent bulbs to light their offices. Fortunately, that’s beginning to change. Not only is fluorescent lighting dull and outdated, but it’s also harmful to your workers. Many employees report feeling more anxious and depressed when working in an environment lit by fluorescent bulbs. Not only does natural and bright lighting help employee mood and motivation but it also helps a space feel larger which helps with claustrophobia in a small office space.

The Bottom Line

Coping with a small office space can be stressful. Rather than just putting up with a cramped workspace, why not improve your surroundings? By following the tips above, you’ll have an office that is more inviting, more spacious, and more productive!

Want to learn more about redesigning a small office? Contact the experts at Key Interiors today!

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