New Space? Consider a Custom Office Design

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Thousands of businesses are rethinking the traditional American office. In the past, most workers performed their daily responsibilities in a small cubicle or office room. Separate meeting rooms allowed for managers and project leaders to meet with their teams in scheduled time frames only.

Within the last few decades, more and more businesses transitioned to open floor plans. These “open offices” were designed to increase productivity and engagement with coworkers. They work best when you integrate this concept into your culture. If workers are too accustomed to the separation of the old workspace, open plan can be slightly less effective. This open plan trend is again evolving slightly to allow for social distancing and more personal privacy. It isn’t likely to entirely turn around, but it’s very common to see transparent barriers between employees on open benching systems and increased heights on cubicle systems.

Still, interior designers and architects are working to develop the next big thing in office design. Until then, it’s up to each individual business to create a work environment that suits the needs of the company and its employees. So, if you’re building or acquiring a new space, you should definitely consider talking to Key Interiors about a custom office design.

What is a Custom Office Design?

The great thing about a custom office design is that it doesn’t have to match any preexisting concepts of what an office should be. Instead, it is totally up to the client and the designer to create something new, yet conducive to a productive work environment. Thus, a custom office design is one that works well with the functionality of the business and is aesthetically pleasing. You tell us what the functionality of your office needs to be and we create a workable space!

How to Create a Custom Office Design

To create a custom office design, you will need a high-quality commercial interior designer. The designer will work closely with you on your space layout and the interior design elements that you want.

To prepare, you will need to evaluate your business and your space in a few different ways. First, let’s focus on your space:

  • Are you moving or are you just renovating your existing facility? Do you have drawings or do we need to do scanning and create?
  • How do you want your new space to feel? More residential? More cheerful? More modern? More branded? All of the above?
  • Talk about your everyday business operations and tell the designer about what your people do so that they can make educated suggestions for your walls & furniture layouts.

Now, let’s take a closer look at your business operations and brand:

  • How many people will need to work in this space on a daily basis? How many people do you see yourself being in 5 years?
  • What kind of work will be done in this space?
  • Do you want employees to be sequestered or gathered together while working?
  • Do you want separate offices for certain employees or teams?
  • Does your brand encourage a relaxed, casual work environment or a professional, no-nonsense work environment?
  • What aspects of the custom office design could help boost employee retention, motivation, and productivity?

If you can ask yourself all of these questions, you’ll likely begin to have a basic design in mind. Even if you don’t have the details worked out, you don’t need to worry. This is where your interior designer comes in.

Get an Interior Designer to Create Your Custom Office Design

Even if you meet with an interior designer without having considered what you want or need in your new space, any high-quality interior designer will know which questions to ask. All you need to do is provide your interior designer with some basic information and work with them through the rest of the process.

If you’d like to find a Design, Build, & Furnish company to create your next custom office design, contact the experts at Key Interiors today and save yourself the hassle of working with several different companies! We do everything from architecturals, to space layouts, to furniture, and punch lists.teams in scheduled time frames only.

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