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4 Engaging Modern Office Interior Design Concepts

Posted by Jerry Johnstone on Nov 19, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Modern Office Interior Design ConceptsIn terms of interior design choices, modern business owners have an overwhelming amount of options at their disposal. One one hand, this is obviously a good thing. But it also raises a lot of questions and concerns about how to best create a workspace. Is an ideal office setup trendy or classic? High-tech or old-school? Creative or comfortable? The reality is, only you know which design style is best for your business because your company is unique. Indeed, perhaps the biggest mistake entrepreneurs can make in regard to interior design is accepting a boilerplate concept for their office space. Rather than settling for one of a number of cookie-cutter workspace layout plans, check out these four engaging modern office interior design concepts that will be sure to excite your team:

Versatile Fields

One of the prevailing trends in modern office design is flexibility. Professionals love offices that can play multiple roles –– in large part because they themselves cover multiple responsibilities. If you ask your employees to complete a diverse range of tasks, then it may be a wise play to prioritize versatility in your office design. What’s more, you can achieve this by investing in tables and chairs that are easily movable, setting up semi-private work areas, and installing a number of tech-friendly outlets throughout your office.

Eco-Friendly Investments

What does an eco-friendly office look like? In truth, there is no set template for green office design. Rather, business owners across industries can incorporate eco-friendly interior elements within their larger theme. Still, making a few eco-friendly decisions could help a business improve its reputation, win points with employees, save money, and –– of course –– do some good for the environment at the same time.

Collaborative Layout

At one point, the open office design was the “hot option” for business owners who wanted to boost collaboration within the workspace. However, office design has evolved since that time and has become more nuanced. Now, there are multiple ways to encourage collaboration without knocking down all the walls in a workspace. Setting up conjoined desks, removing assigned seating, and creating spaces for smaller “squads” of employees to gather and work are all effective methods to improve group productivity.

Vibrant Colors

Some offices are truly eye-catching in the sense that they employ a bright, neon-tinted color palette. Obviously, this is one way to draw the eye and influence mood, but managers can often achieve the same (or similar effects) by integrating compelling artwork into their workspace. In addition, natural light and plants are both cost-efficient measures to invigorate to a drab office atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

Each company has their own story to tell the world, and an office should help tell that story. Interior designers can and should integrate design elements on a case-by-case basis because a workspace crafted with care will resonate with employees and visitors alike for years to come. Contact the Key Interiors team today if you’re ready to give your office new life. Not sure if your office really needs to undergo a renovation or redesign? Then check out our free eBook here and get the answers you’re looking for:

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