4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Small Office Space

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small office spaceCramped. Confined. Cornered. Claustrophobic.  

When dealing with a small office space, the last thing you want to do is feel any of those emotions. That’s because the physical layout of where you work is vital to your productivity. However, given the increasing difficulty in leasing traditional office spaces, more and more companies are utilizing unconventional workplaces to set up shop. As a result, it’s inevitable that some businesses will have to deal with small office spaces. However, how you decide to design your small workspace can dramatically affect its vibe. Here are four common mistakes you need to avoid when dealing with a small office –– and how you can work to get the most from it instead:

Mirrors and Other Gimmicks

If you’re setting up in a limited workspace, you can’t afford to waste any inch of valuable real estate on gimmicks. So while adding mirrors to a room is a traditional strategy to make it appear bigger, it won’t actually give you any more area. Instead, it will take up a prime placement opportunity for hanging important things on the walls like whiteboards or shelves for resource books. Remember: when working in a little office, the walls are your friends. Use them!

Window Dilemmas

If you’ve got a window in your office –– spectacular! Letting in sunlight is a fantastic way to boost your energy level during a long day at work. Just stay cognizant of how the sun lands in your office, though. The last thing you want to deal with is a horrible glare on your monitors while you’re trying to work. Position your desk so you get plenty of sun that won’t interrupt your work.

Thinking Horizontal

We live in a three-dimensional world, though the way some people design their workspace, you wouldn’t think so. Good office design incorporates all the possibilities a room presents. Don’t try and cram everything into your office on one plane –– rather use free vertical space to house important files and documents that might normally go inside a wide-set desk. And on that point –– don’t buy any furniture for a small office space without first determining that it can actually fit inside!

Sequestering Yourself

It’s likely that when operating in a small workspace, you’re going to feel the temptation to close yourself off to the rest of the office. Since you’re working in a restricted area, you need to horde every inch of space available; it only makes sense, right? Not necessarily. While it’s obviously important to get the most out your office, you shouldn’t resist the opportunity to collaborate with others. People work best when they can communicate and interact with their team members face-to-face. So don’t isolate yourself just because your office has a limited capacity. Chances are, you’ll find even the smallest offices have more to offer than first meets the eye!

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