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3 Meeting Room Design Ideas for Small Businesses

Posted by Tom Johnstone on Apr 18, 2019 10:30:00 AM

meeting room designProductive meetings are key to business success. This might sound obvious, but plenty of companies hold lackluster, ineffective meetings that serve only to waste their employees’ valuable time and limit progress. Unfortunately, some small businesses struggle to find adequate space to hold meaningful meetings. Conference rooms that are too small or are in other ways deficient will make it difficult to run meetings in an efficient manner. Fortunately, today we’ll outline three meeting room design ideas for small businesses operating with a limited space or budget:

Create Multi-Purpose Areas

Modern professionals often cover multiple roles while at work. Indeed, business owners may act as a salesperson one minute, and an accountant the next. In the same way, it makes sense for growing businesses to create rooms that can serve multiple purposes. After all, if you only hold meetings once a week (or so) you should find other ways to utilize the conference room in the meantime. Setting up portable desks and chairs throughout your office will encourage your team members to move about and collaborate on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, business owners may consider investing in modular walls as a flexible solution to office-spacing issues. Having a temporary fix in your back pocket is always a good thing, particularly if you’re working within a small office.

Accommodate Modern Technology

Some business owners prefer their team members to leave their laptops and smartphones at their desk during meetings. The idea, in this line of thinking, is to eliminate distractions and increase employee participation during meetings. However, in many instances, modern technology helps improve the quality of meetings. Team members may benefit from using smart boards, casting a presentation onto a smart TV, or looking up an exact figure on their mobile device. With that in mind, it makes sense for professionals to stock their meeting areas with plenty of chargers, mounts, and other tech amenities to support new ideas. Even an old-school projector can still capture the attention of an audience if used correctly; don’t discount the impact modern tech can have on a workspace.

Maximize Acoustic Value

If you’re designing your office from scratch, or you’re considering an office renovation, then you should look to maximize the acoustics in your conference room. Removing sound-absorbing insulation, rugs, or thick carpeting or curtains will boost the sound quality in your conference room so that everyone can hear clearly. Making the most of the natural acoustic capabilities in your conference room can also save you the headache of purchasing microphones or other such accessories. Plus, it’ll prevent your team members from having to repeat themselves constantly.

The Bottom Line

The best businesses find ways to optimize limited workspaces. And at Key Interiors, we love to help growing companies find solutions to their office issues. If you’re looking to enhance the size, efficacy, or appearance of your conference room or common area, then contact our team today. We have the skills and the experience to make your vision a reality. Plus, for more information on how we’ll deliver results on time and under budget, check out our free eBook here:New Call-to-action

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