The Ultimate Office Renovation Checklist

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office renovation checklistWhen tackling a big assignment, it’s always best to break it down into smaller components. This way, you can focus on individual aspects one at a time and work more effectively. The same principle holds true for carrying out an office redesign or renovation. Unfortunately, plenty of business owners don’t know where to begin with this task. If you’ve never renovated an office space before, it can be very difficult to learn everything there is to know about the process in a short space of time. With that in mind, today we’re going to share our ultimate office renovation checklist. Following these eight steps will help you form a plan that works for your business: 

Assess Your Situation

First and foremost, it’s key to determine what exactly you need from an office area and take stock of your current space. Determine how much square footage you have available and make sure that you’re using space efficiently. Sometimes, simply rearranging your office furniture can yield positive results. 

Clean Up

Similarly, before you decide to invest in a major renovation or redesign project, it’s a wise idea to clean your office from top-to-bottom. Clearing out unneeded desks, files, or outdated tech can present you with new spatial possibilities. In addition, clean offices free of clutter help employees avoid unnecessary distractions

Talk to Your Staff

Speaking of your employees, it’s a wise idea to involve your staff in the renovation process. Sure, letting them know that you plan on making big changes around the office is a good way to give them time to adjust to new surroundings. However, progressive business owners may want to go one step further and ask employees their workplace preferences. After all, if no one in your company is comfortable working in a space that compromises their privacy, then implementing an open office plan might cause problems. 

Talk to the Authorities

Some redesign projects are relatively quick and don’t require much heavy construction. On the other hand, some projects do call for significant construction. In those scenarios, business owners must secure approval from relevant parties, such as government officials, landlords, or even neighbors in order to carry out their renovation plans. Failing to get permits could bring your design schemes to a screeching halt. 

Form a Budget

It’s unwise to enter into an office renovation project without a strong idea of your budget. True, you may decide to adjust this budget slightly as progress occurs, but don’t get started without establishing a fairly firm spending cap. 

Set Dates

When you decide to begin an office renovation project can have a big effect on your team’s day-to-day productivity. Ongoing construction during particularly busy seasons can prove disconcerting to both consumers and employees. Also, deciding to schedule renovation work during “off hours” –– such as nights and weekends –– might expedite the process but will also cost significantly more. If at all possible, identify a time when an office renovation will prove least intrusive. 

Create Detailed Punch Lists

When working with contractors, it’s imperative to have detailed punch lists that chronicle their services rendered. Having these documents on hand will ensure that both contractor and employer are on the same page and that no disputes occur in the aftermath of a renovation. 

Call in a Professional

Though office renovations and redesigns can present tremendous benefits for growing companies, inexperienced business leaders shouldn’t go through this process alone. Without the help of a professional design team, a redesign project is likely to go over budget and past schedule. So rather than dealing with the many intricacies of this process by yourself, get in touch with the team at Key Interiors for assistance. We’ll help manage every aspect of a redesign, and ensure quality results without busting your budget or your timetable. Contact us here to get started or check out our free eBook for more information: {{cta(‘fe462ba7-e1b7-40f2-8692-91e01a26aac5′,’justifycenter’)}}

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