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Reynolds Consumer Products, the maker of well-known household brands, aimed to rejuvenate the high-traffic areas within its facility that had become outdated. The renovation focused on key areas, including the main cafeteria, locker rooms, and several plant washrooms, with an overarching goal to revamp these spaces and, importantly, express gratitude towards its hardworking employees.

Key Interiors meticulously selected robust materials designed to endure the demands of multiple shift cycles. This included using porcelain tiles for both floors and walls, alongside graffiti-resistant plastic partitions and lockers, ensuring longevity and maintenance ease. To marry functionality with style, all washrooms were equipped with custom quartz trough sinks complemented by Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry faucets against a backdrop of industrial concrete wall tiles for a contemporary edge. The cafeteria transformation utilized varied table heights and chair colors to cultivate a serene café atmosphere, encouraging relaxation. The chosen palette of grey with splashes of Reynolds blue not only modernized these plant sections but also preserved an industrial chic aesthetic, aligning with the company’s heritage.

Project Showcase

Reynolds Aluminum : A Visual Journey

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