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reimagining cinespace chicago

Discover how Key Interiors revitalized the Cinespace Chicago Film Studio corporate office with thoughtful design and functional space planning.

The renovation by Key Interiors at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios aimed to create spaces that inspire creativity and streamline production processes, catering to the dynamic needs of filmmakers and media professionals. Key Interiors’ portfolio consistently demonstrates our expertise in navigating complex commercial renovations and delivering results that reflect our clients’ functional requirements and creative spirit.

Cinespace Chicago Film Studios is a pivotal entity in the film production landscape, offering expansive studio and production facilities in Chicago. They provide a broad range of services and spaces essential for film, television, and media production, including sound stages, production offices, and support amenities. This makes Cinespace a critical hub for the creative community, facilitating a wide array of projects from major Hollywood productions to independent endeavors.

Project Showcase

cinespace chicago: A Visual Journey

Through services such as BIM scanning, office design, space planning, interior construction, and project management, Key Interiors transformed Cinespace’s facilities, ensuring that the renovated space aligns with the high standards expected in the film industry.

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