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Discover how Key Interiors furnished the new Carbit Coating Solutions workspaces.

The project scope for this project entailed designing and furnishing various spaces within the Carbit facility, including private and shared offices, a lunchroom, conference and meeting rooms, and a customer presentation area. Key Interiors’ in-house interior design team closely collaborated with Carbit to select furniture and decor that added warmth and style to the new space, effectively embodying the company’s ethos and operational needs in every design choice.

Carbit Coating Solutions is a company specializing in providing a wide range of coating solutions. They offer innovative products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their customers, encompassing everything from industrial coatings to custom solutions designed for specific applications. Their commitment to quality and customer service has established them as a key player in the coatings industry.

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carbit coating solutions: A Visual Journey

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