Is an Open & Collaborative Office Design Right for Your Business?

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De-Bunk Myths, Establish Expectations, and Clearly See if a Holistic Work Environment Should be in Your Business’s Future

You may be thinking about — and your employees may be yearning for — a re-imagined work environment that embraces an open and collaborative design. This is an approach in which the interior floorplan is geared towards:

  • Maximizing open spaces
  • Minimizing enclosed rooms
  • Promoting interaction
  • Sharing resources

However, you may not confidently know whether creating a single, holistic work environment is a strategic decision that leads to ROI — or if it’s an “interesting idea” that is best left to the likes of Google, Cisco and Pixar.

Fortunately, you can get the clear, practical answers and advice you need by downloading our FREE ebook: “Is an Open & Collaborative Office Design RIGHT for Your Business?

In this informative and fast-moving executive ebook you’ll discover:

  • The truth behind 3 enduring and costly office design myths
  • The 10 performance benefits you should be reaping from your office design
  • How to ensure that your office design plan is successful – rather than regrettable

The ebook is written by leading interior solutions specialists, who have successfully completed over 300 office renovations spanning more than 30 years: from small refreshes to major re-inventions, and for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Instantly download your free ebook by filling in the brief form to the right. It’s an ESSENTIAL resource that will help you clearly see if an open and collaborative office design should be in your business’s future!

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