5 Steps to Creating a Soothing Psychologist Office Design

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Psychologist Office Design

No matter how old you are, visiting a psychologist for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Patients may not know what to expect; they may also feel vulnerable or insecure when they arrive at a psychologist’s office. As such, the look and feel of a psychologist’s office can either help them feel at ease or put them on edge. With that in mind, today we’re going to review 5 steps to creating a soothing psychologist office design that your patients –– and staff –– will love. Check it out here: 

Emphasize Comfort

If a patient doesn’t feel comfortable in their physical surroundings, they’re unlikely to feel comfortable during a therapy session either. This means that psychologists should –– first and foremost –– focus on creating office designs that promote patient comfort. Of course, comfort takes on many forms. You could consider buying new furniture like sofas, chairs, desks, and tables to improve the patient experience. Alternatively, you may also decide to invest in soothing or peaceful artwork to hang around in your office as well. 

Use Natural Light

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an office space that overlooks a majestic mountain range or a peaceful river. However, even if your office is located in a less picturesque area, you can still use natural elements in your office design to help patients relax. Open windows, natural light, plants, and even positive distractions like fish tanks can help patients calm down –– particularly if they have to wait at a reception area for a while. 

Personalize & Customize

As we mentioned above, a psychologist’s office should serve to make life easier for patients and visitors. So it might seem a little counterintuitive to customize your office with personal belongings. Yet, the reality is that many patients want to get to know their psychologist when they begin a session. Having personal items in your office can help spark conversations about other things –– like sports, music, or pop culture –– which will allow you to  break the ice. Lastly, don’t be afraid to display your credentials prominently in your workspace. It might make you feel a little uncomfortable, but nervous patients will want to see that you’re qualified and up to the task. 

Organize & Declutter

An office in disarray can hardly inspire confidence in new patients. That’s why it’s essential to keep your workspace as clean, tidy, and organized as possible. Patients want to see that you and your team are professional, and one great way to show them that is to have a desk and office free from clutter. Note, having a clean and efficient workspace should also help boost employee morale and productivity as well. 

Cliches are Okay!

When people think of a psychologist’s office, they probably imagine items like wooden coffee tables, dark-colored chairs and sofas, bookcases, ferns, and carpeted floors. These design choices might seem a bit cliché or old, but they aren’t all bad. There is a way to tie softer, warmer elements into a newer feeling office without making your office seem neither dingy and outdated nor too new, starks and modern. There’s a reason why so many psychologists design their offices with softer more traditional elements –– and that’s because it works. Never forget that patients also have an expectation for what a psychologist’s office should look like. Don’t subvert those expectations and throw them off with surprising design choices. Instead, embrace classic design elements when you can. 

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By partnering with a professional office design company, you can ensure that your psychologist office renovation goes as smoothly as possible. At Key Interiors, our team has years of experience working with medical professionals to create vibrant and welcoming office areas. Plus, we’ll help you navigate every stage of the redesign process –– from initial planning to final implementation. Contact us here to learn more or to get started on a project today. 

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