5 Bad Office Design Choices that Will Hurt Your Business

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bad office designExceptional professionals have the uncanny ability to work in horrible conditions. You could send them to a lunar rover or a submarine 10,000 leagues under the sea and they’d still find a way to get the job done. However, for the rest of us, environment matters a lot. Whether or not we realize it, office design and layout can and does have a major effect on productivity. Unfortunately, business owners and interior decorators alike often make bad office design choices. Though they might seem like good ideas at the time, these five measures will actively prevent your team from reaching full potential. Learn about them now so you can avoid them later:

Chasing Trends

For the record, we still think that an open office design is an effective choice for businesses that rely on constant communication and collaboration between employees. However, it doesn’t make any sense to try and conform your company culture to a design choice. Rather, if your team wouldn’t benefit from an open office layout –– then you shouldn’t pursue it. The same goes for any design trend or innovation.

Embracing Clutter

Small workspaces present a dilemma for business owners. Still, just because your office is limited in space, doesn’t mean you should accept the fact that you’ll have to deal with clutter. Cluttered workspaces are visually unappealing and inefficient, and there are always innovative ways to reallocate space more effectively.

Bare-Bones Amenities

By using hard-headed logic, a business owner may reason that engaging break rooms and well-stocked cafeterias distract employees, that distractions inhibit performance, and therefore break rooms and cafeterias are bad. Of course, that’s a ridiculous way to view recreational areas in the workplace. Leaky faucets are distracting. So are rickety floorboards and vile smells emanating from the bathroom. Break rooms, on the other hand, allow employees the opportunity to take much-needed breathers and unwind. Professionals are at their best when they feel relaxed and have the opportunity to take regular breaks. Don’t try and save a few bucks with a spartan rec area –– it’s not worth it in the long run.  

Tacky or Boring Decor

Would you want to work in an office painted in drab, monochrome colors? How about an office plastered with tacky, corporate posters? Remember, the art in your office can either work to inspire your squad or demoralize them, so make it a priority to decorate your office appropriately.

Not Consulting Your Team

Regardless of what your ultimate vision is for your workspace, it’s always a poor choice to exclude your staff when forming it. Indeed, an office is –– by its nature –– a space to be shared, and if your team members aren’t on board with your changes, then you’ll struggle to win them over and ensure they perform at their best.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes bad office design choices are glaring and obvious; sometimes, though, an unwise decision is subtle and may only grow in significance over time. To avoid all manner of office design errors, contact the professionals at Key Interiors. We have the experience and the resources to ensure your renovation has a positive impact on your business. Plus, to see if an open office layout is right for your organization, check out our free eBook here: